“I’m Pregnant…”

Your friend says, “I’m pregnant”, how will you respond? She may feel scared and needs to know she is not alone. With your help and support, she can get through this. She needs someone to confide in, someone she can trust who will walk with her through the process. We can help you BOTH with some do’s and don’ts when helping a friend, girlfriend, or family member.

What To Do:

Listen and talk with her. Ask how she feels. As you listen, you will find ways that you can help or be a support. Be available. Often, she just needs someone to be with her.

Find out who knows and talk with others who care about her. Be available…to support or help her as she tells the child’s father, her parents, or other family who need to know about the pregnancy. Be available…to help her think through who she needs to tell.

There are organizations that can help. Learn about where she can find that help during her unexpected pregnancy. You can find help on OptionLine.org and even help her make an appointment.

What Not To Do:

Don’t judge or shame her. She is likely processing feelings of guilt, embarrassment, or even shame. Provide her a safe place to think. Staying positive and encouraging, will help her feel that you are a safe person to work through this with.

Don’t pressure her. What you would do is not necessarily what she wants. She needs to know you’ll be there for her no matter what she wants.

Don’t cut her off. She may already feel alone. Just your presence and willingness to listen, no matter what, will give her confidence when she knows you are ‘with’ her.

Need More Help?

We’re here for you. Please reach out with any questions.