No-Cost Ultrasound

Obstetrical ultrasound is valuable regardless of what your intentions are for your pregnancy. It is a high-quality and vital tool to provide information and answer questions you may have about your pregnancy. If you receive a positive result from one of our pregnancy tests we will confirm your pregnancy with a no-cost ultrasound.

What Is Ultrasound?

Ultrasound is an imaging method using high-frequency sound waves to capture an image from inside your body. During the ultrasound, a gel-like substance is placed on your abdomen, and an instrument called a transducer is rubbed over the gel.

The transducer picks up echoes of the sound waves inside. They bounce back and electronically become black and white dots. Those dots reveal an image from inside your uterus which you can view on a computer screen.

Our experienced medical professionals are certified in obstetrical ultrasonography and follow guidelines set collaboratively by the AIUM (American Institute in Ultrasound Medicine), the ACR (American College of Radiology), and the ACOG (American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists).

Why You Need An Ultrasound

At the SCV Pregnancy Center, ultrasound is ordered by our doctor to provide the information necessary to confirm that a pregnancy is progressing as expected by establishing:

  • The estimated gestational age (how long you’ve been pregnant)
  • If the pregnancy is in the right location in your uterus
  • The presence of the baby’s heartbeat (if the pregnancy is viable and growing)

Did you know up to at least 20% of known pregnancies could end in a natural miscarriage? You can still get a positive result on a pregnancy test and no longer be pregnant.

If our sonographer doesn’t see what we would expect, you will receive a referral for appropriate care. The ultrasound exam may produce inconclusive results for a number of reasons:

  • The pregnancy may not be viable (meaning it will likely not continue)
  • The baby is growing outside of your uterus (this is called an ectopic pregnancy and is dangerous to your health)
  • The pregnancy may not be as far along as you thought
  • A miscarriage may have occurred.

Note: We do not explore or diagnose specific fetal anomalies, nor do we determine the gender of the baby.