Choosing Birth Control 

With so many different types of birth control, how do you choose? Using contraception is a personal decision, and like any other decision you make in life, you want to make sure you get some information before deciding.

You can choose permanent, semi-permanent, barrier, hormonal or even “emergency” options.  Using birth control may help you avoid unintended pregnancy, however, there’s more to consider. Your decisions regarding your sexual health and risk prevention should include your:

  • choosing birth controlCore values or spiritual convictions

  • Your health and family history

  • Desire to have children in the future

  • Frequency of sexual activity

  • Number of sexual partners

  • Past or current infection with an STD/STI

The choice to be sexually active can impact your physical health, your self-esteem, other relationships, and your future. This is true whether or not you become pregnant.

Your future is in your control. The physical and emotional distress that follows casual sex is avoidable. Even though life gives you some unexpected twists and turns, STD/STI's and sexual encounters you’d rather not remember are burdens you can prevent happening in your life.

Although SCV Pregnancy Center does not provide the abortion pill, emergency contraception, or birth control, we can provide you with more information and answer your questions allowing you to make a fully informed decision for yourself.

Want to talk more about your future? Contact us for help.